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Today, we’re excited to announce Meeting Insights. If you ever wondered how you and your team actually spend your time, now you’ll know.

Meeting insights

Meeting insights reveals how many meetings you and your team have held, as well as how much time you’ve spent in meetings. If you suspect that your team is bogged down with too many meetings, you can finally get the facts by filtering to see only internal meetings.

Meeting insights by domain

You can also see which companies you’re meeting with the most, and how much time you spend with each account. If you work in customer success or account management, you’ll now have critical data to understand your ROI on key accounts.

Soon, you’ll be able to set alerts to make sure your team spends their time the way they need to. If your goal is 10 meetings with key accounts per week, you get a notification if it doesn’t happen!

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Cameron Price-Austin

Cameron Price-Austin

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