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How SMBs Can Win Investors w/ Jason Lemkin

August 8, 2019


It’s so easy to know whether you want to invest in a small company. Their CEO is better than you are. (And, like, it’s crystal clear to see when that’s true. If you’re a founder, you have the superpower to just know.)

In this episode of the B2B Sales Show, SaaStr founder Jason Lemkin talks about how he knows instantly whether he wants to invest in a small company--and what they can do before a meeting to convince him he wants to be a part of what they do.

The second criteria that Jason uses is whether the CEO had it easier than you did.

Not a bunch easier or anything. Just a smidge. But the cloud is bigger now, which means faster growth and more leads.

The second he sees these two things, he know he wants to invest.

Jason is the founder of SaaStr, enthusiast, and investor who knows what he wants when he sees it.

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 Mike McEuen Director of Marketing

Mike McEuen

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