A newsletter by the Mixmax team

Mixmax calendar improvements

Effortless scheduling

We’re excited to share a series of improvements to your Mixmax calendar. We know how frustrating scheduling can be, whether you’re scheduling meetings for yourself or for your team. We decided to fix it.

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Liquid Markup

Next level personalization

Today, we’re excited to announce a ground-breaking new feature: Liquid Markup. Now, you can tailor your messaging to every person you’re contacting, at scale.

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New Live Feed

Get answers to your toughest questions

Do you know who’s not replying to your emails? Do you know who never RSVP’d on your invites? Do you know who has the lowest reply rate on your team so you can coach them?

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New Insights Dashboard

Get actionable insights on all of your communication

Measuring your team’s performance is vital to the success of your organization. To make your team even more effective and successful, we’re excited to announce Insights.

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Shared Sequences

Easily share any sequence with your team

With Mixmax Sequences, you already have the power to successfully reach your customers with automated drip campaigns.

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Your New Mixmax Calendar

Quickly book meetings and automate communication with zero back-and-forth

We’re excited to announce Mixmax calendar.

You can now book meetings even faster by sharing a link where prospects can book directly on your calendar.

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