Team outbox: See all of your team’s outgoing messages

Tuesday, Nov 21st, 2017

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century.

Team outbox

I’m excited to share the new team outbox. Now you have complete visibility into your team’s communication. For example, you can quickly see what each teammate has scheduled to send later. Or know which sequences your sales reps are sending this week, and how many messages are going out each day. Click Outbox in the Mixmax web app, then click the team tab.

You can search for a specific sender, and you can even search for recipients by email domain, Salesforce Opportunity, and Salesforce Account. Now you’re fully informed about your team’s outbound.

Bonus pro tip for Thanksgiving week: check if your team is sending automated messages on Thanksgiving Day 🦃 — your team can quickly reschedule those messages for next week.

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