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Mail Merge has never been this easy

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A free Chrome extension for Gmail and Google Inbox

How it works

  1. Add recipients and personalized data

    Upload a .csv of your recipients with columns of personalized data. We’ll turn these columns into variables you can use in your message. You can include up to 300 recipients.

  2. Customize your message

    Compose your message with variables as placeholders to personalize your message. When you send your message, Mixmax automatically fills in the variables with the data you uploaded.

  3. Integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox

    We send your customized emails directly from your Gmail or Google Inbox account, so that your emails end up in the Primary tab in Gmail, unlike other mass emailing tools.

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Who uses Mixmax to quickly personalize messages?

  • Sales

    Save hours a day reaching out to prospects and leads. Because messages are personalized, you stand out and increase your response rates.

  • Recruiting & HR

    Beat the competition with efficient outreach out to candidates. With personalized emails, you’ll win the war for talent.

  • Customer success

    Send follow ups to all your clients in minutes, rather than hours, with personalized messages about the products they use.

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More reasons to love Mixmax

Email tracking

Know as soon as someone opens your message. Sending to a group? We’ll show which individual opened your message, so you can follow up with precision.

Click and attachment tracking

With advanced email tracking, you’ll also know who clicks on a link or downloads an attachment in your email. It’s the best way to see how recipients engage with your messages.

Instant calendaring

With one-click scheduling, book meetings in one email instead of ten. Your guest picks a time right in the email, and we do the rest. No more back and forth. No double bookings.

Send Later

Write an email now and schedule it to send automatically when you know your recipients will read it.


Write the best email every time without manual copying and pasting. With Mixmax templates, the right message for every occassion is one click away.

Snooze & Reminders

Can’t answer an email right away? Use snooze to bring back a message at a time you specify. You can also add reminders to follow up on emails you send.

Polls & Surveys

Need specific and focused answers? Add a poll or survey inside your message. Your recipients answer directly. No plug-ins needed.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive Integration

Attach files and documents not only from Google Drive, but also your favorite services including Dropbox or Box.

Custom Branding

Look more professional with your company logo and name on all embedded content including polls, surveys, web previews, and invitations.

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