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Get 40% off Mixmax Professional when you pay annually.

Mixmax Professional
$25 $15
Per month, billed annually at $180.
  • Unlimited templates
  • Mail merge
  • CRM integration
  • Schedule on shared calendars
  • Advanced email tracking

Here’s everything you get with our Professional plan:

Email tracking
Open tracking
Know if and when your email was opened.
Per-recipient tracking
When you send to multiple recipients, you’ll know exactly when each recipient opens your message, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.
Click tracking
Know when someone clicks a link in your message.
Download tracking
Know when someone downloads an attachment in your message.
Calendaring and scheduling
Schedule meetings instantly
Send available times to recipients, then they confirm directly in the message.
Plan group events effortlessly
Send available times to recipients, then they confirm directly in the message.
Schedule on shared calendars
Share availabiliy and events on a team member’s calendar.
Save emails as templates to reuse again and again.
Send later
Schedule emails to send later.
Snooze to read later
Set reminders to follow-up
Markdown support
Quickly format emails with Markdown syntax.
Mail merge
Send personalized emails to multiple recipients, customizing information like name and job title.
CRM and external services
Dropbox, Box, and Drive integration
Attach files from your favorite file storage services.
Share any email to Slack and other services
Log insights to Salesforce and other CRMs
Automatically log email opens, clicks, and downloads to your favorite CRM software.
Secure messaging / SSL
Password-protected messages
Time-expiring messages
Link & attachment previews
Show visual previews for links and attachments.
Animated GIFs
Search for fun anigifs on Giphy and instantly insert them in your message.
Call-to-action button builder
Drive clicks and conversions with custom call-to-action buttons.
Embed PDF slideshows
Drag and drop a PDF—it becomes a slideshow, right in the email.
Embed SMS widget
Readers can send you a text message directly from your email.
Embed polls & surveys
Readers can respond to questions, without leaving the email.
Slash commands
Access templates and all Mixmax features using speedy keyboard shortcuts.
Automatically convert text emoticons into delightful emojis.
Undo Send
Made a mistake? Take back any message within a time period you specify.
Quick and easy introductions
When replying to a message, quickly move the sender to BCC.
Remove “Sent with Mixmax”
Remove “Sent with Mixmax” from the bottom of your emails.