Save time with templates

Have you ever sent the same email over and over? Or written the same paragraphs by hand 100 times? If so, you’ll save hours with Mixmax templates. You can even share and collaborate on templates with your team!

To create a template:

After composing a message, click the Templates icon in the top right. Then, click Save this message as a template.

Your saved template will appear in the same menu for you to reuse over and over again at a later time.

To insert a template:

To insert a template into a message, click a template in the above menu or type ; and the template name and then type enter.

You can also edit and manage templates from the Templates section in the dashboard. You can even share and collaborate on templates with your team! We share all of our templates within the team at Mixmax, and it saves us over 120 hours each month. So stop copying and pasting, and create some templates of your own!

How It Works

  • Set up your availability
    Customize the days, times, duration and maximum meetings per day that you’re free to meet.
  • Share your link
    Add your link to emails, websites, social profiles, or wherever you want. It works everywhere, on any device.
  • Schedule
    Your guests pick a time and the meeting is added to both calendars instantly, without the back-and-forth.