Mixmax Rules

Feature Spotlight: Mixmax Rules

Mixmax Rules are re-inventing workflow! They are a powerful, new way to create automated workflows across the apps youalready use – like Slack, Salesforce, Pipedrive, DocuSign, Greenhouse – so you can leverage your investment in your existing tools.

Who uses Mixmax Rules? 

Here are fepopular workflows used by our customers:

When a DocuSign sales contract is completed, automatically post the win in a Slack Channel, automatically change the the sales opportunity stage in your CRM to ‘Closed/Won’, automatically send a thank you note to your new customer,  and automatically create an on boarding task for your customer success team in your CRM.

When a proposal is created and meets a specific dollar amount, create a Slack channel and include the appropriate business stakeholders for collaboration.

When a Mixmax poll is answered, immediately send an email with company collateral.


When someone views your email but does not respond, then after [X] days get an alert via Slack or SMS to reengage.

When a candidate books time on your calendar, create a task after the meeting occurs to complete a Greenhouse Scorecard.


How It Works
Take your productivity to a new level by quickly automating many of the manual tasks you do on a daily basis. With just a few clicks, you can create rules that function for everyone in your organization, across all the applications you use on a daily basis.