Our mission is to empower you to do the impossible with email.

Our story

Mixmax’s mission is to do the impossible with email. We believe everything you do today on the web should be possible in any email. This includes scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, playing games, and even interacting with apps.

We started Mixmax to take on the challenge of upgrading email to the 21st century. In the last decade, we saw the web mature at an incredible pace. Video-conferencing, “street view” on maps, and collaborative document editing are all examples of amazing advances that are standard on the web. And yet, email remains static, plain, and unproductive. Despite its ubiquity and longevity, email is stuck in 1999.

After building communications and authoring products at companies including Apple, Google, and Skype, our team saw a huge opportunity to build a world where email maximizes both your productivity and expressiveness.

Our team

Olof Mathé

Co-founder and CEO

Olof led the team that built Inkling Habitat, now adopted by the world’s largest publishers. Prior, he was an entrepreneur and worked at Skype and McKinsey. Olof grew up in Sweden and finished his engineering degree in France. He created Art Hack Day, a global computer arts hackathon.

Chanpory Rith

Co-founder and Designer

Chanpory designed Gmail for iOS & mobile web at Google. He recently led design for Inkling Habitat. Prior, he was a blogging entrepreneur and worked at Dubberly Design Office and MetaDesign. Chanpory grew up in West Oakland, and has an incredible collection of mid-century modern furniture and vintage Crisco cans.

Brad Vogel

Co-founder and Engineer

Brad led the web engineering team at Inkling. Prior, he built the WebOS communications suite at Palm and was a core member of the Mac OS X team at Apple. He’s also a pilot, and if you’re lucky he’ll take you for a flight over San Francisco Bay.

Jeff Wear

Software Engineer

Jeff is a full-stack Web and iOS developer with a BS and an MS in HCI from Stanford. He’s the author of the open source iOS integration testing framework Subliminal. He uses good code and good coffee to build great user experiences.

Jennifer Skene

Director of Operations

Jen used to build ebooks from scratch at Inkling. Prior, she was a lecturer at Berkeley, where she earned her PhD in Integrative Biology. On the weekends, you can find her running in the Oakland hills and sewing her own clothes.

Spencer Brown

Software Engineer

Spencer pioneered hacker culture at Purdue by leading BoilerMake and Purdue Hackers. On the weekends, you'll find him spinning🔥on a set of turntables or trying the espresso at a new coffee shop.

Chuy Martinez

Software Engineer

Chuy (nickname for “Jesus”) joins us from Hermosillo, Mexico. He’s a full-stack engineer passionate about AI and Open Source. He loves seafood, especially raw scallops, and prefers his lemonade with a pinch of salt, no sugar. His cat, Benancio, is a badass hunter.

Trey Tacon

Software Engineer

Trey is a full-stack engineer with a passion for Go (the language, not the game:) who built the next generation of location software at Yext. He loves crossfit, and when he’s not trying out a new regimen he’ll entertain you with stories from his upbringing in the UK and the deep South.

Cameron Price-Austin

Software Engineer

Cameron is a full-stack engineer based in Adelaide, South Australia. He previously led engineering at Vinomofo, one of Australia's largest startups. He loves reading, and the occasional game of knifey-spooney.

Eric Elias

Director of Sales

Eric has an entrepreneurial background and has worked in sales, product, and operations roles. His foundations were cemented in finance and operations at GE. For kicks, he is taking woodworking classes and building furniture.

Jeremy Gillespie

Director of User Growth

Jeremy is a growth-oriented marketing geek, with a passion for performance marketing and self-serve acquisition. When not working, you can find him sipping espresso and trying new restaurants in the Bay Area.

LaTia Cage

Product Specialist

LaTia joins us from Las Vegas, NV. Prior to becoming a champion for Mixmax users, LaTia provided administrative assistance to c-level executives and teams both large and small. On the weekends, you can catch her hanging at the park with her kiddos or pinning her latest obsessions on Pinterest.

Jabari Allen

Product Specialist

Jabari is a recent grad from Truman State with a BS in Biology and a BS in Psychology. In his free time, you can find him working on Raspberry Pi projects, volunteering with the youth-run nonprofit Greening Forward, and attending sustainable building workshops in his home state of Missouri.

Our investors

Michael Dearing
Founder, Harrison Metal

Angel investor in Heroku, PagerDuty, Admob. Stanford DSchool professor.

Ann Miura Ko
Managing Partner, Floodgate

Seed investor in Lyft, TaskRabbit, Modcloth.

Ram Shriram
Founder, Sherpalo

Investor in Google, Mint, Zazzle. Formerly member Netscape Exec team.

Mike Maples
Managing Partner, Floodgate

Investor in Twitter, Weebly, Twitch.

Joshua Baer
Founder of 3 email companies

Fellow at ReturnPath.

Eric Ries
Author of the Lean Startup
Eric Wahlforss
CTO Soundcloud
Sangeeta Narayan
Executive Recruiter

First recruiter at Square, Twitter, Coursera.

Jonathan Abrams
Founder & CEO of Nuzzel

Formerly software engineer at Netscape.

Ash Fontana
Head of fundraising, AngelList

Co-founder of Topguest.

Alexander Ljung
CEO Soundcloud
Gary Levitt
Founder of Madmimi
Matt MacInnis
Founder & CEO of Inkling
Henrik Berggren
Product at Dropbox

Formerly founder & CEO of Readmill.

Chris Beard
CEO at Mozilla

Formerly EIR at Greylock.