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Writing an effective bug report

Qualities of a good software bug report

When we write bug reports, most of the time we have a clear vision of what just happened or what steps were taken in order to reach to a situation where something not expected happened. It is obvious to us at the moment, so we communicate it with very few notes because it’s very obvious, paste a screenshot and that should make it obvious to the developer what went wrong, right?

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Shared Sequences

Easily share any sequence with your team

With Mixmax Sequences, you already have the power to successfully reach your customers with automated drip campaigns.

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4 Pillars of Excellent Email Prospecting

If you are planning to construct a great building, you must have a strong and stable foundation. You can invest as much as you want in the exterior but if your support pillars are shaky, your investment and work can easily crash down leaving you with little to no results. And, as you know, buildings are not constructed from roof to bottom, so you might want to be familiar with these 4 pillars of excellent email prospecting before you start your email campaign.

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Your New Mixmax Calendar

Quickly book meetings and automate communication with zero back-and-forth

We’re excited to announce Mixmax calendar.

You can now book meetings even faster by sharing a link where prospects can book directly on your calendar.

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Monitoring slow Mongo queries

Be up to date on when your DB is grinding to a halt

Here at Mixmax it’s no secret that we use Mongo for a lot of different things. One issue that we’d had for a long time though was our ability to monitor our Mongo clusters for slow queries. This is an issue because if an engineer adds a new query to our codebase, but that query doesn’t use an index, trouble will almost always ensure - IOPS will go through the roof, we’ll start seeing Mongo churn through its internal cache because now it’s having to scan full collections, just a whole collection of really bad things.

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Batching CloudWatch metrics

Reduce your AWS bill by $5k

Insight into all aspects of our company is core to Mixmax, as such we love our metrics. We have metrics all the way from product right through internal development. We put metrics on everything. One place we store and inspect a lot of our engineering metrics is AWS CloudWatch as it allows us to seamlessly integrate metrics into our alerting and monitoring system.

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Integration Testing for Humans

A simple stopgap for Selenium

Raise your hand if you’ve had an outage that could have been prevented by integration testing. And keep your hand raised if you’ve put off writing those tests for some very good reasons. What if there were another way?

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