GDPR-compliant email tracking


Last week, the EU’s new privacy law, GDPR, changed the game for cold email and email tracking. Luckily, Mixmax helps you play by the new rules. Today, we’re announcing new features to keep your entire organization compliant, while providing you with actionable insights.

Granular tracking settings

Automatically turn off tracking for recipients based in the EU
Mixmax will detect if you’re safe to track a recipient’s activity, and will turn tracking on or off as needed, without you having to think about it. Set it up here.

More fine-grained controls for email tracking
You can now turn tracking off for everyone in your company, or just for particular roles.
Or keep tracking on, but just turn if off for Sequences if you’re emailing a lot to recipients in the EU.

Organization-level unsubscribe
If you’re using sequences, ensure all bulk emails at your company have unsubscribe links. The unsubscribe links are controlled globally, and add to one centralized list.

Try these new features today!


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Cameron Price-Austin

Cameron Price-Austin

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