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With the latest Mixmax app, Live Web Clip, you can capture part of a website and embed it directly in your email. The content is kept up-to-date every time your recipient views your email. It’s great for when you want to share dynamic information such as airline ticket prices, status pages or weather reports.

Here’s how it works

Select Live Web Clip from the Mixmax app menu:

Mixmax Web Clip in the Mixmax app picker

Enter a url and then select a region that you would like to embed in your message:

Mixmax Web highlight clip region
Mixmax Web Clip in email

My email will show up-to-the-minute flight fares, regardless of when my recipient opens it.

It’s perfect for

  • Sharing dynamic pricing information such as stock quotes or airline prices
  • Monitoring performance data from a dashboard
  • Sending up-to-date weather for a destination
  • Keeping track of a tweetstream from an event

This is yet another way the Mixmax platform gives your email superpowers. Email us hello@mixmax.com or tweet us @Mixmax if you’d like to make one of your own!


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