New & faster message window with slash commands


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We’re excited to announce a vastly new and upgraded message window. It’s faster than ever, and you now have even easier access to all the Mixmax pro-features that make your emailing more productive and delightful.

Mixmax Group Live Poll in the Mixmax message enhancement menu

At the very bottom we’ve consolidated all functions related to sending email itself like send later, reminders and tracking. In the row above, you have quick access to all controls for creating smart messages that reduce back & forth. There’s also a new “Enhance” menu with the complete set of Mixmax extras you love.

To make emailing even faster, we’ve also added a full slate of smart slash commands within the window itself. Just type / on a new line to get a full menu of Mixmax enhancements.

This is particularly useful for instantly inserting templates:

Inserting templates

Or for inserting maps to share an address for a meeting:

Inserting a map

Or even just inserting an animated GIF to share with team mates:

Inserting an animated GIF

And last but not least, inserting emojis has never been this fun and fast

Instant insertion of emojis

Install for free to try it out right now. If you have thoughts on how we can boost your productivity or supercharge your email, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at and follow us @Mixmax.


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Olof Mathé

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