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Three new improvements to maximize your Salesforce.

We’re excited to announce three huge time-saving improvements to your Mixmax + Salesforce experience:

Template variables, fully-integrated with Salesforce

SFDC Template variables

You can now use Salesforce fields as variables in any template. When you insert a template in a message, we’ll automatically look up the recipient in your Salesforce account. If we find a match, we’ll instantly fill out the variables corresponding to default fields for your Contact or Lead. Specifically, we’ll fill out values for {{firstname}}, {{lastname}}, {{email}}, {{phone}}, {{accountname}}, {{title}}, {{department}}, {{company}}. Soon we’ll also support custom variables! [Update: we now support custom variables!]

SFDC Tasks and Activity History, at-a-glance

SFDC Tasks and Activity History in your inbox

With the Mixmax Sidebar in your inbox, you can now see Open Tasks for any Salesforce Contact or Lead. You’ll also see the most recent Activity History, so you’re always up-to-date on recent interactions with your customers, clients, and prospects. Soon, you’ll be able to edit them directly.

Automatically log meetings to Salesforce

Log meetings to Salesforce

Mixmax already automatically logs email activity to Salesforce—including sends, opens, clicks and downloads. Now, we’ll also log “Meeting confirmed” event when a recipient accepts a meeting you’ve proposed with Mixmax. Soon, we’ll sync these meetings to your Salesforce calendar, too.

Exclusive for Growth customers

These time-saving Salesforce features are available only on our Mixmax Growth plan. If you’re already on Growth, just make sure to connect your Salesforce account, and you’re good to go.

Don’t have Growth yet? Try it now for 14-days, absolutely free.

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