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  • Easy group scheduling is key for recruiting team
  • Mixmax saves each user 1 day/month which translates into an additional hire
  • Mixmax scales with company growth

Founded in 2012, Canva is world class design website. The Canva recruiting team needed a communication application that could scale with their fast growth, and offered easy group scheduling. The automated scheduling saves each user 1 day/month, and that savings translates into an extra hire or an extra candidate in the recruiting pipeline. “If speed is an issue and your recruitment process is lagging it’s definitely worth looking into Mixmax”

Francisco Morales

Engineering recruitment Lead, Canva

Hiretual is a fast growing startup with an increasingly popular platform for recruiters. As an ‘up and comer’ they needed an application that could automate many of their manual sales processes. “I really like the rules engine because I can automate almost anything.” This automation saves the Hiretual sales team 90 hours/week. On average they experience a 70% email open rate with website inquiries resulting in more meetings and more pipeline.

Edwin Lau

Revenue Operations Manager, Hiretual

  • Mixmax Rules automates most sales processes
  • Mixmax automation saves the sales team 90 hours/week
  • An email open rate of 70% leads to more meetings and pipeline
  • Account management team uses Mixmax
  • Saved 65 hours using Mixmax calendaring
  • Mixmax's 'recommended send time' ensures engagement with CEOs, CFOs and VPs

Trendalytics is a customer intelligence platform that surfaces consumer needs. The Account Management team uses Mixmax to engage C-level executives. The ability to add the Trendalytics branding to Mixmax emails and the  ‘recommended send times’ functionality, ensure their emails “build credibility with their clients” and have an extremely high open rate. “I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of our most used sequences had almost a 100% open rate.”

Cecile Lee

Head of account management, trendalytics

Founded in 2013, Adwerx is transforming digital advertising in the real estate market. After researching 20 different tools their sales team chose Mixmax to super charge their results and processes. The team’s use of Mixmax rules and reporting has added valuable transparency around booked demos. The Growth Team has seen a 100% increase in meetings booked with Mixmax and roughly 25% of demos booked by the Enterprise Sales team are attributed to Mixmax. As a fast growing company, there’s a lot to do at Adwerx, and they value the fact that Mixmax gives them time to focus on collaboration and innovation. “My colleagues would be picking up the phone making a ton of dials and I would have booked 20 appointments just by clicking send.”

Ian Grady

Strategy and Growth, Adwerx

  • Growth Team has seen 100% increase in booked meetings
  • 25% of demos booked by Enterprise Sales are attributed to Mixmax
  • Polls in emails have increased significantly increased response rate
  • Sales & Recruiting use Mixmax
  • 80% open rate & 40% reply rate to outbound sequences
  • 30% of outbound signups can be directly attributed to Mixmax

Brex offers the first corporate card for startups. Sam Blond, CSO, used Mixmax at his previous company and brought the application to his team at Brex. Ryan Mack, Account Rep, uses Mixmax for sequences to automate his sales processes so he can focus on selling. “Mixmax is a good tool to increase the efficiency of a rep’s time and fill a rep’s calendars with demos.”

Sam Blond

Chief Sales Officer, Brex

Gong.io is the leading conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. Prior to Mixmax, Gong was using multiple point solutions for calendaring, scheduling and email tracking. They replaced these solutions with Mixmax because they needed a single productivity tool capable of aligning sales and customer success. “As soon as we turned on Mixmax I started hearing ‘this is cool, this is cool'”, says Jameson Yung, VP Sales. “I wish we had started using Mixmax a lot sooner. It makes my life much, much easier.”

Samantha Kennedy

Customer Success Manager, Gong.io

  • Aligns outbound communication across sales and customer success
  • Helps customer success managers stay on top of multiple accounts​
  • Sales email open rates are 86%, reply rates are 52% and RSVP rate is 41%
  • Aligns processes across sales and customer success​
  • Measures best performing sales emails and converts into templates​
  • Sales email open rates are 97% with reply rates of 50%​

Rainforest QA is changing how companies approach quality assurance testing. Rainforest chose Mixmax becausethey needed an all-in-one productivity application for sales and customer success. Mixmax offers greater transparency and insight for the sales team so that all leads are promptly contacted. “Mixmax offers a lot of features that just make every day more effective.”  

Ryan Basch

Mid-Market sales manager, rainforestqa

Izea is a leading provider of influence marketing software. They needed a way to keep sales team activity constant to avoid inconsistencies in their pipeline.  Using Mixmax templates and sequences helps them avoid any “pitfalls” in their pipeline. Mixmax stood out in their evaluation because it offered a streamlined way to increase rep activity.  “More emails, mean more meetings and pipeline.”

Kevin Blazaitis

Vice President Client Development, IZEA

  • Seen an 18% increase in setting meetings
  • Have clear insight into template performance
  • Onboarding with Gmail is quick and easy

Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule is a modern-day matchmaking service that chose Mixmax to increase efficiency. Using Mixmax each matchmaker has more time and can work with 50% more clients.
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Appirio is an IT consulting company that helps enterprise companies implement and manage cloud-based solutions. They found that consultants using Mixmax book customer meetings 6X faster than consultants that don't use Mixmax.
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Customers across the globe use Typeform to publish forms, quizzes and questionnaires. The Customer Outcomes team chose Mixmax to improve their customer engagement and align processes with the Typeform sales team. (click logo to download full PDF)


Selffee’s edible photo booth leverages proprietary technology to print faces onto cookies, iced coffee, cocktails, and many other tasty treats, producing a truly unforgettable experience. With demand for Selffee’s edible photo booth at an all-time high, the company’s sales team needed a scalable solution for following up with thousands of web leads.
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