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Create a predictable sales engine

Turn email into a growth engine for your company. With Mixmax your team will land more replies, meetings, and deals without leaving their inbox. While you have full visibility into top of funnel activity.

Mixmax is a good application to increase the efficiency of a rep’s time and fill a rep’s calendars with demos.

Sam Blond | Chief Sales Officer, Brex

Create a predictable sales engine

Sequences & tracking

Sequences + Tracking

Empower AEs to build pipeline faster

Mixmax keeps your team focused on what they do best: selling; not admin work. Your team can send personalized drip campaigns at scale from Gmail and Salesforce. Monitor opens, clicks, RSVPs, and downloads with prospect tracking, and instantly know which leads are engaged and ready to buy.

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Get more meetings

Calendar scheduling

Reps can drop their calendar into emails

Boost engagement and delight more customers with Mixmax. One-click scheduling simplifies demos and check-ins. Ensure reps are following up with reminders, alerts, and drop-in templates.

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Deep engagement insights

Track sales motions from a bird's eye

Dive into performance trends by team, account, sales stage, or outreach campaign with Mixmax Insights. Scale sales excellence: easy apply the best performing sequences, templates, and collateral across the team quickly.

Automate the busywork


10x team output with Mixmax Rules

Create powerful yet easy-to-apply rules that automate tedious data entry & tasks across all your team. All reps call & email activity automatically syncs with Salesforce - so they can spend more time with customers.

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