Track opens & clicks

Learn how to see who opens your emails, clicks links, and downloads attachments with read receipts. This helps you determine how best to follow-up.

To track an email:

By default, email tracking is on for everyone. We indicate this with a “lightning” icon in the toolbar. If it’s not on, click to activate it.


If you want to get analytics on clicks and downloads, check Track clicks. If you want to get a notification when your email is opened, check Show desktop notifications.

This is what the notification looks like when someone opens your message.


If you’re on the Free tier you’ll see the last time the message was opened. If you’ve shared Mixmax or upgraded your account you’ll see exactly who opened your email and when, even for groups.


You can review all tracking information in your personal Live Feed in the dashboard. You’ll see a live updating timeline of who opens your messages, who clicks links, and who downloads which attachment when. And above all — it’s 100% searchable!

Email tracking will triple your productivity at work.


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